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Bangles BANGLES:  Our diamond cut bangle bracelets are of the highest quality. They are seamless - no bumps or rough edges - with high polish even on the inside. They will not bend out of shape. Available in 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm and 12mm widths; gold, silver and 3-tone plating; and in sizes from the baby to the extra large. We also carry display cases.
Earrings EARRINGS:   We manufacture and specialize in hoops - bangle, plain, filigree, charm, name, and hugs-&-kisses in a variety of styles and sizes. We also manufacture CZ hoops, CZ and simulated gemstone leverbacks, studs and pendants. We carry displays for earrings.
Bead Bracelets BRACELETS AND ANKLETS:  These include a variety of bead bracelets and anklets, fancy link bracelets, diamond cut link bracelets, animal bracelets, ID bracelets and religious bracelets.
Stampatos STAMPATO BRACELETS:  These smooth and flexible bracelets are made of stamped individual links with secure box clasp.
Photojewelry PHOTOJEWELRY:  Our products include pendants and bracelets, with miniaturised pictures of photographic quality.

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