Our gold-electroplating uses proprietary hard gold solution, meant to last through high wear and tear, even in tropical climates. Our products are micronplated 10 mil and upto 120 mil. The customer may specify the desirable amount of plating. The process is done in-house, is effective and prices competitive.

(Just some tips from personal experience)
Jewelry, even fine jewelry can sometimes discolor, especially in tropical climates. Perspiration, sea water and air, and chemicals in cosmetics are believed to be some of the causes. Goldplating also tends to tarnish and fade faster on some people than others..
To maintain the shine on your jewelry,
- wash with a mild soap solution and a soft cloth and pat dry
- avoid direct contact with salt/chlorine water
- avoid encasing in a leather pouch, handbag or briefcase
- remember after all, it is plated !

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